Beth Woodbury Hart

Beth Woodbury Hart was raised in upstate New York in a house full of books. At an early age, she encountered the fantasies of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. She also loved to climb trees and hike in the woods near her family's home.

Inspired by her mother's storytelling and a creative fifth grade teacher, Beth filled notebooks with poems, stories, novels, and plays. Later, while attending Brigham Young University, she made a foray into journalism, producing articles, reviews, and editorials for the school newspaper. She continues to write opinion pieces and letters to editors.

Beth is the author of the award-winning short story "Reflections on Shadows" as well as the novel, A Blessing of Unicorns, and a musical, The Sultan's Daughter. She has always loved fairy tales and folklore from different cultures. Like Keely, she was inspired by Celtic Myths and Legends, an excellent collection of stories retold by Peter Berresford Ellis.

Beth currently lives with her family in western Washington, where the trees, mountains, and lush green forests have renewed her love of nature. She enjoys cooking, gardening, writing Yelp reviews, playing word games with her grandkids, and watching K-dramas on Netflix with her husband.